Steps 2 Success Students on the Move




Students in our Steps 2 Success program have been doing a lot of reading while learning many important life skills. But that’s not all! Students were also able to take several field trips last semester including a local fire department, Citizens for Animal Protection and a retirement home. They were also able to take part in a special art project, Creativity Meets Humanity, which allowed students to express the principles of giving and sharing through the medium of self-hardening clay.

ARTreach instructor, Mr. Danny, first focused the students through music by teaching the song “Get Together” and explaining the link between singing, giving and sharing. They discussed hope, love, sisterhood, brotherhood, kindness, tolerance, and respect, and how these principles are the basis for a peaceful and prosperous world. Students were then able to mold and form two clay hands, one to wear and one to share.  All of the students were very eager and excited to share their artwork with the world!

While learning new reading and writing skills is extremely important for these students, teaching them how to handle social situations may be just as crucial. Recent studies found that kids who related well to their peers, handled their emotions better, and were good at resolving problems, went on to have more successful lives.