Lunch Bunch Mentoring

Our Lunch Bunch mentoring program pairs trained volunteer mentors with groups of 4 students to promote positive decision making and healthy relationships. During weekly 30-minute sessions from October to April, students build literacy skills while developing life skills every child needs.

Using literature and hands-on activities, groups explore topics such as . . .

  • Self-Esteem: Students will discuss the value of positive and realistic self-image. Students will identify positive personal attributes and develop goals to encourage self-esteem development.
  • Social Skills: Students will learn and practice communication and social interaction skills guiding them to appropriate behaviors for diverse relationships and situations.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will practice seeking valid and reliable knowledge to guide beliefs, decisions, and actions.
  • Problem Solving: Students will practice taking on challenges and identify the importance of seeking a solution rather than problem avoidance, resulting in greater success in school and life.
  • Community: Students will identify the components of their personal communities and discuss how these components work together. By considering different perspectives, students will better understand themselves, and others in their community including peers, family members, and teachers.


Students in grades 3-5 attending our schools who exhibit the need for additional social and emotional support, with students previously served in our Reading Intervention program given preference for available spots.