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Reading Corner
summer learning loss

Without continued learning over the summer, your child is at risk of being as much as 3 grade levels behind their classmates by the end of 5th grade. Summer reading is crucial to the success of every child's future!

The most important things to remember when it comes to summer reading are:

Access to books and free choice

Access to books is #1 in helping children combat the summer slide. Public libraries have a ton of free resources, activities (and of course books!) for you and your child. It is important to let your child have free choice about what they choose to read. If your child isn't sure what they like, ask the librarian for help. For example, if your child likes trucks, scary stories, and dogs, ask the librarian for book recommendations based on those 3 things.

Time spent reading together

Parents who read frequently are 6 times more likely to have kids who enjoy reading. Take some time to check out your own books at the library or read with your child. Kids of all ages love hearing stories from their parents!

Focus on the fun

Parents must have a positive attitude and view reading as fun so that kids will feels the same way. Summer is a great time to focus on reading just for fun! The more fun kids have reading, the more they will read which makes them a better reader and ready for the new school year.

Summer Reading

Houston Public Library
Summer Reading Program - free summer reading for babies, kids and adults

Barnes & Noble
Get a free book for participating in Barnes and Noble's Summer Reading Triathlon

Reading Rockets
10 weeks of daily fun literacy activities

All Star Activities
8-week calendar of daily fun reading activities

Easy ways to nurture your child's brain development

Half Price Books
HPB Summer Reading Program, with both recommended reading and fun activities.

Family Fun in Houston

Jill B Jarvis
Fun things to do in Houston with Kids

Houston on the Cheap
A blog with discounts, free activities, and more!

Kids Out and About
Free family resources, summer camps, giveaways, and activities to do around Houston

Houston Parks and Recreation
Free youth sports activities

Summer Camps

The Summer Book
A comprehensive list of summer camps offered in the Houston area

Houston Public Library
Library events calendar, enter your zip code to find the library closest to you

Houston Public Library
Library story times and toddler activities

Parent Education

United Way
Community resources for adult education, ESL classes, and more

Read Aloud
Information on the importance of reading aloud

Adult ESL classes

Children's Museum of Houston
Parent Outreach Programs with CMH

Social Services

Houston Food Bank
America's largest food bank in distribution leading hunger relief in 18 southeast Texas conties

Memorial Assistance Ministries  provides a network for emergency services for families living in poverty  

United Way
Top List of requested services

West Houston Assistance Ministries provides food, financial and employment assistance to families in need

How to pronounce the sounds of the Alphabet

When a child knows the proper sounds of the alphabet letters, he or she can use those sounds to sound out or decode a word. This skill is essential for successful phonics instruction later on. The more accurately the sounds are taught to children, the easier it will be for them to learn to read and spell. Study the video on this page to learn the correct pronunciations of the letter sounds. You might be surprised at how many sounds some letters make!

Our Branding

If you need photos from an event or additional information, please call our Director of Marketing, Kimberly Suckow, at 713.398.1129 or email

Story Swap Branding

And Guidelines

All library roofs must be painted with our Literacy Now blue color. This paint can be found at Lowe's, brand Valspar, color swatch Burbling Brook #4007-8C

All libraries must have the Story Swap logo on the door. We will mail or deliver the logo to you, and it should be centered on the inside of the Plexiglass.

Story Swap Logo

All libraries must have our metal plate attached to the front of the library, either centered above the door or centered at the top of the door, depending on your design. The plate will be mailed or delivered to you.

Get creative and paint the rest of the box in any way you choose, keeping in mind that it must be kid-friendly (the target age for the libraries is 2 - 10-year-olds). All designs must be approved by Literacy Now before installation by contacting Jacque Daughtry at or 281.627.1771