Steps 2 Success Entrepreneurs



Lemonade Day 2016

Our Steps 2 Success program students had a very busy and exciting semester! Not only did they do a lot of reading and related activities, but they also learned how to start and operate their own businesses – lemonade stands! The students spent weeks preparing for Lemonade Day Houston – preparing budgets, setting profit goals, testing recipes, creating brands and advertisements, and practicing customer service. All of these lessons provided students with the knowledge, problem-solving skills, and confidence to be successful entrepreneurs. Pecan Creek Grille has been gracious enough to allow our students to run their lemonade stands from the restaurant for 4 years AND provide each student with a delicious lunch. We are truly grateful for their hospitality and support.

The students also had several fun and educational field trips during the spring semester, including a trip to the Rodeo thanks to the Rodeo Ticket and Sales Committee (with Making It Better Young Professionals) and a private tour of HEB. S2S Collage final for webARTreach provided professional artists who facilitated workshops including Poetry with Clay (each student made a clay creation and wrote a poem about it) and Recycled Rhythm (blends dance, music and theatrical elements while educating students about recycling).

Program staff and students alike were blessed to have students from The Kinkaid School volunteer in the program twice a week for most of the school year. As a special “thank you” to these dedicated students/volunteers, the Steps 2 Success students hosted an Ice Cream Social for them in April. Parents of The Kinkaid School students were also invited to attend so they could see first-hand how their teenagers were “giving back” all year long. It was a fun event including a photo slideshow and ice cream sundaes! We will miss many of the Kinkaid students who are moving on to college next year, but we are looking forward to working with the returning and new students who will volunteer next school year.

Program Results 2015-16

  • 100% of surveyed parents reported an improvement in their child’s ability to make positive choices.
  • 100% of surveyed parents said they would recommend the program to other parents.
  • 94% of students reported enjoying reading books for fun more than they did before joining the Steps 2 Success program.
  • 83% of students said the program taught them skills to improve their relationships with their friends and peers.
  • 100% of students felt the program helped them care more about their friends, family and community members.