September Newsletter 2021

Monthly Newsletters

Dear friends,
There are numerous special designations assigned to each month to raise awareness of various issues and causes. At Literacy Now, literacy is THE issue, so September is our month because it is Literacy Awareness Month! How will you celebrate the gift of literacy this month? And, how can you help us bring the message of the literacy crisis to your friends, family, and colleagues? 

Before you read any further, let this fact sink in . . .  due to school closures, lack of devices and internet connectivity, coupled with spotty attendance; many of this year’s 2nd graders never even finished Kindergarten or 1st grade! The need among the children we serve was great before the pandemic, but it’s now off-the-charts.

You can take part in Literacy Awareness Month by:

  • Learning the facts about the literacy crisis affecting our kids right here in Houston. 
  • Finding a fun book and reading aloud to a child in your life – don’t forget to get into character. 
  • Supporting our Story Swap library project to get books into the hands of children who need them most.  There are many ways to get involved, from conducting a book drive to designing and installing your very own Story Swap Box in a high-needs area.  
  • Designate a screen-free time each day in September and read for fun. Make it a family affair.
  • Take a walk and see who can come up with the most creative descriptions of what you see along the way.

How do we celebrate Literacy Awareness Month?  By doing whatever it takes to empower our kids to read! I’d love to hear the creative ways YOU celebrate Literacy Awareness Month. Email me at


Jacque Daughtry
Executive Director