Reading Intervention Successes


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In April we completed our 23 week program with great results and smiling faces, serving almost 300 K-2 students in 8 HISD elementary schools. All students started the school year 1 – 2 Reading Grade Levels below their actual grade level. Our tutors developed great lessons and activities designed to “meet the children” at their current academic levels enabling students to make great strides in their reading skills. Thanks to YOUR support and our dedicated staff, these children are better prepared for the next school year!

Program Results 2015-16

  • 77% of the students reported an improvement of at least 1 Reading Grade Level, with 13% of those students improving 2 Reading Grade Levels.
  • 87% of students scored 90-100% in the Foundational Skills assessment (Letter Recognition, Concepts of Print, Phonological Awareness and Phonics) compared to 25% at the start of the program.
  • 91% of students reported an improvement of at least 1 Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) level, with 41% improving 4+ DRA levels.
  • 72 students (34%) who were unable to read even the lowest level book were able to read at the end of the program.
  • 89% of students demonstrated increased confidence in reading (per teacher surveys).
  • 96% of students benefited from the program (per teacher surveys).


We are seeking more volunteers for this program, which begins again in late September. Volunteers assist our staff during small group reading tutorials. Tasks vary, but typically include reading books, reviewing targeted literacy skills, or playing a game to reinforce skills with students. If YOU are interested in becoming a Reading Intervention volunteer, please contact us at