March Newsletter 2022

Monthly Newsletters

WOW, the last two plus months at Literacy Now can be summed up with one phrase…it’s been a whirlwind! There is excitement in the air as the interest in our work to ensure all children are reading on grade level by third grade grows. This excitement was on full display during the lead up to and on Houston Reads Day (see the article below). 
What a privilege it is to have a job that is so much more than that, one that is a calling that inspires me every single day in so many ways.

  • The joy on a child’s face when the light bulb is turned on and they can read and the new-found confidence they exude.
  • The smiles on the faces of our students’ parents, during one of our parent workshops, when they realize they CAN help develop their child’s early literacy skills.
  • The selfless dedication of our staff and volunteers that they pour into the children each day.
  • Donors who take a chance on us and then continue to invest in our students by demonstrating trust in us to steward their resources.
  • All of our dedicated partners in this work – school staff members, non-profit and corporate partners – who are just as passionate about serving the students and families as we are.

The above list could go on and on, but you get the idea…this work IS important, it’s inspiring, it’s a blessing to those who serve and to those who are served. AND, I am beyond grateful for YOU and the privilege to serve!

Jacque Daughtry
Executive Director