January Newsletter 2022

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Happy 2022 everyone!

If you are like me, each year, you think “How has another year passed, already?” I must say that 2021 was quite a doozy… many challenges but also many victories! AND, with a new year comes a renewed resolve to do all things with excellence because the children we serve deserve nothing less.

I could tell you all the many ways our students have been disproportionately affected by this seemingly never-ending pandemic, both emotionally and academically or how their families are struggling, BUT, I won’! Instead, I’m going to tell you that our students are eager to learn and their parents are eager to continue that learning at home. Our kiddos and their parents are thankful for the opportunities they have through Literacy Now, thanks to YOU and your support of our programs.

YES, we have many challenges ahead of us as we continue expanding our programs to more children, but we keep our eye on the prize… young struggling readers becoming proficient readers and parents becoming partners in their children’s literacy development and ultimately, in their academic career.

THANK YOU for making it possible for us to do this important work!


Jacque Daughtry
Executive Director