Giving Tuesday 2019


Help us get little ones on track to reading!

All aboard The Reading Express as we hit the streets of Houston in collaboration with the Harris County Public Library to deliver critical reading readiness programs in low-income areas to young children (2 months to 4 years old) and their parents.

Research states that exposure to early literacy programming is critical to building a foundation for success with parents playing a crucial part in that early development. According to Harvard University’s Developing the Child, “By age 3, children with college-educated parents had vocabularies three times larger than those whose parents had not completed high school.” Additionally, Raising Confident Readers (Gentry 2011) points out that “Parents should begin reading aloud to children at birth. It feeds the child’s hungry brain with data for language development, speaking, and early word reading. It’s a wonderful way to bond and leads to cognitive, social, and emotional development.”

The overall goal of this innovative program is to promote reading readiness before Kindergarten by providing access to high-quality learning opportunities to young children who need them most and to bring them right to their communities.

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