Celebrating Foundations in November


Dear Friends,

As we near the end of our 10th year of service, we want to honor the many foundations who have helped sustain us these past 10 years. Not only do they provide monetary support but many of these dedicated foundation directors and program officers provide invaluable advice, support and guidance to me and to many other non-profit leaders.

People are funny . . . they say things like, “Well, just write a grant,” as if writing a grant application is quick, and then magically checks begin to arrive in the mail. Although preparing grant applications is not quick, checks have appeared in the mail! I will never forget pivotal experiences in year two with two local foundations.

The first experience was over lunch where we talked about our programs and our dreams/plans for the future. At the end of lunch, this most generous man handed me a check for $50,000 – I cried! His foundation still supports us today with a VERY significant annual grant. The second experience took place as I walked into a fundraising breakfast for another non-profit. I met a wonderful programs officer from Houston Endowment as we both entered the event. She was so kind and indulged my questions and agreed to meet with me even though we were not yet eligible for funding. She continued this until we were eligible and guided me through their grant process. We received funding from that first application and several subsequent ones too. Receiving funding from Houston Endowment was huge. We had received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval in the Houston foundation world which would open doors to other local foundations. Although no longer with Houston Endowment, she remains a trusted adviser and supporter.

These are just two of MANY stories over the past ten years that illustrate the generosity of the foundation world in our great city. I am extremely grateful for the relationships, the support, the advice, and the friendship of directors and program officers at multiple foundations. Their dedication and work is invaluable to the services we provide. I thank God for the privilege of working alongside each one of them.


Jacque Daughtry,

Executive Director