Parent Partnership Successes




Parents have stepped it up this school year!Through our Ready, Set, Read! program, Family Literacy Nights, Parent Workshops, and Book Bag Program, over 96 families have engaged in these programs since October! Not only have parents participated in these programs, but 100% reported that they planned to incorporate the knowledge and materials received when interacting with their kids at home.

Since studies show that only 1 out of 300 children in low-income households have a book at home, getting books into the homes of our children is always a big focus for us. We are thrilled that ALL parents whose children check out Book Bags on a weekly basis, report that they read MORE at home with their children! One parent wrote to us,” I love sitting down and reading the books that come home with my daughter because my other two children always join in the reading fun. Thanks!” Thanks to your support, we continue to get more books in the homes of children and look forward to sharing many more parent notes with you throughout the year!