Meet Sally Burgett

Volunteer Spotlights
How did you get involved with Making It Better?
A number of my friends including Linda McSwain, Janette Smith, and Karen Swerdlow, invited me to the Guild Luncheon in 2014.
When did you join the Guild?
I considered joining the Guild for a couple of years, but life got in the way. I eventually joined in the spring of 2017.
What has your experience been like as a Guild member?
I have enjoyed being a member very much. I volunteered to help with the luncheon this year and quickly realized I would be organizing the first boutique, with help from Karen Swerdlow. I have been a vendor for years, so I felt I could contribute in that capacity. It turns out, everyone enjoyed it, and we will do it again next year! 
What is most rewarding about mentoring in the Lunch Bunch program?
 I mentored four enthusiastic, fourth-grade boys at Shadowbriar Elementary and we all enjoyed our time together. I think it was a very special time for them and that they really appreciated the program. I appreciated them, too! It was fun getting back in a school setting with the boys as I had previously volunteered for eight years with fourth graders in a science enrichment program.
How has Making It Better impacted your life?
Making It Better has allowed me the chance to give back to our school community in a meaningful way.
What’s your favorite children’s book?
My favorite young adult books are the Harry Potter series, which I raced through with my own kids. I enjoy reading books and read the newspaper every day.
What do you like to do in your spare time? 
I enjoy a lot of sports, especially Texans football, the Astros, and the Rockets. I also participate in Zumba, line dancing, walking, biking and other outdoor activities.
Why would you recommend getting involved with Making It Better?
I would recommend joining Making It Better to anyone who can spare some time to help youth literacy in our communities. It is truly rewarding, whether or not one commits to working directly with the kids or helping support their various programs through behind the scenes work. If time is limited, one can always help by contributing funds to help build their programs.