Meet Lisa G

Volunteer Spotlights

How long have you been a Literacy Now volunteer?

I have been a member of Literacy Now since September 2021 (7 months!)

Which program or activity have you volunteered for?

Helped with Magnum’s Event, and chaired The Bee Inspired Literacy Now Guild Luncheon. I also was able to help identify a new board member for Literacy Now Board of Directors.

Please describe what you enjoy most about volunteering for Literacy Now.

I love what Literacy Now does for children struggling to read and the resources they provide that would not otherwise be available to them and their families. I especially like the confidence and self esteem being able to read gives the children and what it does to brighten their futures. I also have enjoyed being part of our fund raising efforts to understand how critical this is to continuing our mission of improving literacy in Houston and preparing our future workforce. I have also met some really wonderfully dedicated people to doing good, paying it forward and making a difference and this is truly a bonus of volunteering for Literacy Now!