Meet Ann Green

Volunteer Spotlights
When and how did you get involved with Making It Better? In 2016, I was sitting with a friend watching our boys play baseball, and she was telling me all about her wonderful job with a nonprofit organization called Making It Better. She later invited me to a luncheon where Jerry Davis looked directly at me and asked me “How are you going to help these kids?” I sent my resume in that week. 
What has been your experience as a mentor for the Lunch Bunch Program? I love it! Watching the kids’ confidence grow makes my heart so happy. 
What is the most rewarding thing about mentoring in the Lunch Bunch Program? I mentor boys who are leaders but just don’t know it yet. If I can bring confidence and kindness into their lives, we all walk out of our lunch better people. At the end of our year together, I’m always amazed at how much these children have changed my life. I am the one that was gifted the opportunity to be in their lives. God lead me down this path knowing I needed these kids in my life. 
How has Making It Better impacted your life? I am so grateful for every child I have had the opportunity to mentor. They have brought joy, laughter, and tears into my life. I am a better person. My family agrees! 6. What’s your favorite children’s book? I have so many favorites! I still have my book, “The Giving Tree,” by Shell Silverstein. It still makes me cry. Kindness is a beautiful gift. True kindness expects nothing in return. 
What do you like to do in your spare time? I’m a busy mom of three. My husband and I seem to be on a different sports field every weekend. 
Why would you recommend getting involved with Making It Better? These children need us. We can make a difference in their lives. We need to lift up the next generation, and it is all of our responsibilities. 
Do you have anything else you would like to share? Making It Better is changing lives through literacy and love. I’m so blessed to be part of this mission.