Helping Hands for a Family in Need


In the immediate aftermath of school closures, Literacy Now’s first thought was, “How can we help our families?” We knew that many have barriers preventing them from participating in distance learning, so we reached out to ask what they needed. One family responded that they were living in a hotel with no car, no internet, no books, and no computer for their child to do the work being asked. The parent inquired about books, and if there’s one thing we can provide, it’s books!

Our Administrative Assistant, Emily Boyle, didn’t hesitate to step up and deliver supplies to the family. Over FaceTime, she and our Program Manager, Catie Licalzi, found books they thought the little girl would enjoy. Emily also filled the backpack with other goodies, including a summer workbook and school supplies. She then headed out to complete the no-contact drop-off for the family. 

The parent later reached out to say how grateful she was and how much her daughter loved the supplies. We directed her to a nearby food pantry within walking distance of her hotel since she was unable to go to the HISD distribution sites to get food for her family. We are so grateful to live in a community of helpers, and for Emily, always willing to help at a moment’s notice. She is the best!