10 Reasons We Are Grateful As We Begin 2021


written by Jacque Daughtry

My typical demeanor is one of positivity and gratitude, but the events of the last ten months – the pandemic, the social and civil unrest, and the great divide among our country’s people – have tested even this Polly Positive!

As I reflect on 2020 and look ahead into 2021, despite the challenges and even some sadness and despair, many things fill me with hope! One of the most hope-filled things in my life is the privilege of leading an organization that positively impacts lives each day. The children and families who participate in our programs, and the staff and volunteers who serve them, are all incredible!

Below are just ten of the many reasons we are grateful at Literacy Now.

#10     We received MANY unexpected donations during December or, as I like to call them, gifts from God.

#9       Our financial position is strong, which many others cannot claim – we have not laid-off staff, reduced salaries, or cut benefits.

#8       We support and encourage one another, something that’s always been important at our organization but took on new meaning these past ten months.

#7       Our staff has remained healthy with only one mild case of COVID (not related to Literacy Now).

#6       Thanks to a long-time funder, we had additional resources that enabled us to go above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of our kids and staff through multiple mitigation efforts . . . from plexiglass partitions and HEPA filters to stringent sanitation protocols.

#5       Due to the pandemic, we thought our expansion plan would be on hold for 20-21, BUT the generosity of one major, long-time donor allowed us to expand services to 25% more students in our Reading Intervention program.

#4       We have demonstrated great ingenuity and resilience in reimagining programming and fundraising events.

#3       Despite multiple challenges, we have continued all of our programs. 

#2       The Literacy Now donors, staff and volunteers are some of the most dedicated, kind, loving, compassionate, and amazing people I’ve ever known.

#1       Thanks to you, we continue to have the privilege to serve amazing kids and their families!

As we begin a new year, let gratitude lead the way. What are you grateful for?